You are already using Document Management, your file Cabinets! 

Electronic Document Management is software that gives you the tools to more efficiently manage those same documents and can be explained in 4 easy steps.

Step 1:  Capture the documents by scanning paper, submitting electronic forms, routing emails or sending print jobs.  When captured, you have the tools for automating the tasks to reduce/eliminate human error and time spent filing documents.

Step 2:  Route the documents through processes.  We take your current paper shuffle and translate it to an electronic process to reduce the overhead, redundancies and inefficiencies of paper.  Make approvals, signatures or rules to automate the process.

Step 3:  Retrieve the documents at anytime regardless of where the files are located.  No more lost documents or long trips to the file room hoping the file you need is filed properly.  Search for any word on a document or through an index/card catalog of information.

Step 4:  Store/Secure the documents to free up your expensive office space by eliminating file cabinets and boxes.  Control access down to the word of a single page by managing security on your sensitive information.

With these 4 easy steps your office will save