Education Technology Solutions

Education is all about sharing information in many ways. Verbal, written, or electronically; this information transfers from educators to students, parents provide information about their children, Administration shares information with the State and/or Federal Government, and daily information is shared with vendors and partners. Documents and technology are at the core of this information and the management of this paper, data and processes can cause headaches in any institution.

Healthcare Technology Services

You provide the best healthcare to your patients, but unfortunately there are many administrative tasks that go into providing that care. The information associated with those tasks comes in many forms, but electronic information is becoming the standard, which is causing an increased dependency on the technology supporting this information. The availability and security of your sensitive information are now vital and not optional. This shift has created wonderful opportunities to operate more efficiently, but if not handled properly can be a become a healthcare providers worst nightmare.

Manufacturing Technology Services

Running lean is the name of the game and you work hard to eliminate waste by becoming more efficient. In order for you to improve the bottom line you must balance quality, safety, scheduling, engineering, shipping, and administration while remaining flexible and agile. At the core of these tasks is your vital information that flows from your customers, to your vendors throughout your organization, and ultimately back to your customer.

Construction Services

Managing a job as efficiently as possible helps you deliver the best experience to your client and allows you to move on to the next job more quickly. Turning ideas into buildings/products requires information in all contents (i.e. CAD drawings, pictures, blueprints, work orders, spreadsheets, invoicing & scheduling). To make things even more challenging, this information needs to be shared and accessed with subs, teams, and supervisors from the field.

Government Technology Services

You serve the people with shrinking budgets and increased accountability. In order to do this, your agency handles a significant amount of information every single day in various formats. This information must be kept protected and organized which requires time, funds, and manpower. Agencies must also ensure their IT network is in sound working order. Technical malfunctions and downtime can prevent workers from doing their jobs, which can create problems for the people they serve.

Legal Technology Services

Deliver results and bill more hours. The core of a case file is information about your client, the case, and the opposing client. How you manage, present, share, and use that information can help determine the outcome of a case. Having your information electronically available and secure is vital, and this shift has created wonderful opportunities to operate more efficiently, but if not handled properly can be a become a firm’s worst nightmare.

Professional Technology Services

In an industry where we sell ourselves and an intangible service, customer service and account management is paramount. This means we not only have to know our own business, but we have to know a lot of information about our clients. Whether taxes, financial statements, applications, insurance claims, correspondence, trade information, and more; the availability and security of your client’s information are of utmost importance. This shift has created wonderful opportunities to operate more efficiently, but if not handled properly can be a become an advisor’s worst nightmare.

Faith & Worship Technology Services

Coordinating events, designing/printing bulletins, paying bills, fundraising, and communicating on multiple platforms are just some of the tasks that the majority of your congregation never sees, but these are the tasks that provide a smooth week of services and events for your community! At Preferred, we get to see the work that goes into that week of preparation and we understand and support the technology behind it all. We help our local churches Work Smarter so they can focus on their mission!

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