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Contract Management

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Automated Workflows

Manually managing contracts can be a cumbersome and time-consuming task that can lead to errors and missed deadlines. Preferred Office Technologies offers a solution to help automate and streamline your contract management process using specialized software. With this solution, you can design custom automated workflows that ensure contracts are properly managed from initial creation to expiration.

Custom Workflows for Contract Creation and Approval

With Preferred Office Technologies' contract management software, you can create custom workflows that automatically route contracts to the appropriate parties for review and approval. You can set up automated notifications to ensure that all stakeholders are aware of any updates or changes to the contract. By automating the approval process, you can reduce delays and ensure that contracts are reviewed and approved on time.

Easily Manage Contract Renewals and Expirations

Contract renewals and expirations can be a headache to manage, especially if you have multiple contracts with different terms and expiration dates. With Preferred Office Technologies' automated contract management solution, you can set up custom workflows that automatically track and manage contract renewals and expirations. You can receive automated notifications when contracts are approaching their expiration date and set up workflows to renew contracts that meet certain criteria automatically.

Automate Contract Storage and Retrieval

Manually managing physical contracts can be a challenge, especially when you need to access specific contracts or review them quickly. With Preferred Office Technologies' automated contract management solution, you can easily store and retrieve contracts in a centralized digital repository. You can set up workflows that automatically upload new contracts to the repository and route them for review and approval. And when you need to find a specific contract, you can quickly search for it by keyword or other criteria and retrieve it with just a few clicks.

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