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5 Cybersecurity Solutions Every Business Needs to Protect Themselves.

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These simple tips can help you and your business save thousands of dollars from potential cyber security harm.

1. Can I trust this email?

Before you open any links from any email, make sure to see who it is from and not just the send label. Check to see if there is any weird script, misspelled words, or if the email is embedded on an image.

2. How to protect your cloud

The mysterious “cloud” where you save things on needs to have cloud cybersecurity. Cloud cybersecurity is best taken care of by the company you chose and an IT department. Adding things like two-factor authorization can help protect your saved items.

3. Keep your software updated

Software updates provide security updates that can prevent your information from being hacked. Make sure you go through your settings and routinely check for updates. Automatic updates are best if you forget to check.

4. Keep sensitive data secure

Sharing important data to coworkers should be done securely. Anything that could destroy your business should be in a secure folder with limited access. When sharing things, make sure you are doing it in a trusted internet bowser and on a secure network.

5. Strong passwords

It’s a hassle to change and update passwords constantly but it is the best way to provide security for you and your team. When making a new passwords, you should add symbols such as “?, $, #, @,!” and numbers that are not in numerical order, “391,” and mix in letters. Make sure to change it up and look for any data breaches that could affect you.

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