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Cost of Hiring Your Own IT

Outsourced IT employee working

Whether you own a restaurant, run a school system, or are just running a small clothing business, technical issues can happen at any moment. You may ask yourself if hiring your own information technology (IT) team is worth hiring. But adding someone to your team can be something out of reach. Here we will break down the cost of outsourcing an IT team.

When you run into issues with your tech, you will reach out to a chief information officer (CIO) who works with a company's IT organization and delivers support for the business's goals.

The salary of a CIO is between $110-320K according to glassdoor. Most small businesses can't justify a cost this great but still, need the services provided by having a full-time IT staff. This is where outsourcing your IT Department can have huge cost savings, providing the same support as a full-time team without the huge payroll burden.

Outsourcing your IT can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s best to find a team that knows how to work with your business and a team that feels like family.

For 55 years, Preferred Office Technologies has mastered the art of staying on the cutting edge of enterprise technologies. Preferred Office Technologies is your one-stop shop for office solutions. Our team works to understand your specific needs so you get a customized solution designed just for you. If you’d like to learn more, send us a message, or give us a call: 479-782-7991 (River Valley); 479-521-6209 (Northwest Arkansas); 918-212-8412 (Tulsa).

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